Back office customer service: who it is and what it does

Back office

Today, the customer is the center around which every business activity revolves, and within this context, the back office customer service employee certainly deserves special attention. This figure acts as an intermediary between the company and the customer, attending to questions and complaints, dealing with doubts and providing assistance.

Customers are increasingly informed and demanding, so it is not possible to handle them by way of evasive and generic answers. Modern consumers want immediate and relevant answers, so it is essential to have an efficient back office customer service team to stand out from the competition.

What is meant by a back office customer service employee?

back office customer service

The term back office refers to that part of a company opposed to the front office, that embraces the activities related to operational management, including customer support.

While the front office involves a face-to-face relationship with customers, such as literally at the counter, the back office includes a series of activities that take place at the desk, so to speak. The back office customer service employee specifically interfaces with customers using the systems available, from telephone to email to chat.

What does the back office customer service employee do?

The back office customer service employee takes care of welcoming and managing customers, providing technical and administrative support to solve difficulties, and correctly managing complaints.

Customers are able to ask for support through various channels, so a business needs to ensure an omnichannel approach. The operator must listen carefully to customers’ problems in order to understand their needs, so as to provide clear answers and adopt the right countermeasures to solve the critical issues.

Sometimes users call to receive further technical information about products and services, operations, warranties, costs, shipping methods, etc. The employee must therefore have an excellent knowledge of the product or service in question, as well as the internal dynamics of the company.

In other cases, phone calls require technical support. The operator must then open a ticket to try to resolve the problem quickly. If this is not possible, the request must be forwarded to colleagues with greater technical competence.

In any case, it is necessary to provide an adequate and honest answer to the customer, regardless of whether the problem can be solved quickly or requires more time.

The characteristics that a back office customer service operator must possess

The back office customer service employee must be a bit of everything, including the likes of salesperson, IT technician, and psychologist.

In particular, the operator must:

  • have the right skills in terms of sales operations;
  • have a certain familiarity with marketing techniques, thus suggesting to the company any changes to be made to the products or their development;
  • have a good command of computer programs, in order to support the archiving of orders and customer databases;
  • have an excellent problem solving ability, acting with clarity even in situations of high stress;
  • possess self-control and remain calm. Operators often receive phone calls from angry and nervous customers who may use an agitated tone of voice. In cases such as these, it is necessary to empathize with the client, trying to understand his or her point of view and provide reassurance that the problem will be solved within a short period of time.

It certainly does not hurt to have a superb knowledge of languages, especially English, so that you can employ your skills in a working world without borders. This figure is, in fact, sought after in companies operating across very different sectors.

Professional objectives of the customer service back office employee

The primary objective of the customer service back office employee is full customer satisfaction. For this reason, after the ticket has been closed, a history of the requests and critical issues that have emerged must be kept in the management system, so as to deal more quickly with other similar problems. In addition, the customer should receive a short evaluation questionnaire on the service provided. The relationship between company and customers is thus improved and loyalty is gained more swiftly.

The back office customer service provided by We Are Fiber

Back office customer service is one of our flagships. The numbers prove our worth. In fact, the partner companies that have relied on our service have halved response times, thus obtaining an increase in loyalty rates of 21%.

Our operators, selected with extreme care and attention, are able to provide a fast and quality service, responding effectively to the needs of your customers. The management of the assistance ticket concerns the resolution of problems reported via chat, email or instant message. We guarantee you a personalized customer service, responding in a targeted and relevant way to the needs of your customers. For more information, simply contact us. We are at your disposal!

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