Customer Support and Customer Success: An essential union

Customer Support

Managing customer relations is a delicate process that forces companies to choose the best possible approach. In the management of this process, an entire group comes into play, with the arduous task of maintaining the relationship between customer and company over time. In particular, the teams that deal with ensuring a good relationship with customers are Customer Support and Customer Success. 

The construction of the customer journey relies on the work of these two company departments, which must collaborate to reach the defined objectives. 

Customer Support and Customer Success: Two complementary and necessary aspects

Customer Support

Customer Support is the service that deals with taking charge of customer requests and reports. Customer Success has a different approach, planning strategies proactively to achieve the desired business results by accompanying the customer through his or her customer experience. 

In practice, Customer Support is focused on solving problems related to the product or service, providing direct assistance or useful information to the customer. Customer Support can make all the difference through offering an efficient assistance experience. 

Customer Success is instead focused on ensuring that the customer reaches his or her objectives or desires, through proactive intervention that anticipates potential problems and offers strategic advice to maximize the efficiency of the product or service provided. In this case, analysis and dialogue play an important role in offering a tailor-made solution.

Despite the differences, Customer Support and Customer Success both interact with customers during their experience. Combining these two approaches means offering a high-value, all-encompassing experience that covers every aspect and stage of the customer relationship.


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