Customer and employee experiences must walk hand in hand

customer and employee experience

A positive and satisfying customer experience is the starting point for any company. However, the experience of the employees must also go hand in hand, where your staff must put themselves in the customers’ shoes, so as to understand whether the service offered can actually be considered effective or not. In this regard, it is useful to understand how the platforms that manage the digital market and that use special machines, supported in turn by complex algorithms, work.

Customer experience: does AI have biases too?

Customer and employee experience

To better understand this context, let’s consider the dismissal of Timnit Gebru by Google, where the issue was the ethics of artificial intelligence. Apparently, even AI has its own ethics.

Take, for instance, the hiring of people, who are analyzed and vivisected by complex algorithms that probe skills, competences, attitudes, studies, etc. The algorithm thinks on the basis of its programming, therefore by those who designed it. Could the program have the same prejudices as those who created it? The answer is complicated, but we can refer to the data highlighted in an article by Katharine Schwab, according to which, in 2018:

  • only 22% of women worked in the artificial intelligence sector;
  • only 18% of women were invited to present papers at AI conferences;
  • 80% of the subject matter experts were male;
  • subject matter experts in Facebook, Google and Microsoft who were black, Latino or Hispanic only reached 10%;
  • in the 30 leading associations of ethical standards for AI, out of 94 top positions, only 3 were occupied by black people and 24 by women.

These are important numbers that should make us stop and think. Is the technology “racist” or “sexist”? Perhaps these statements are too strong, but it is clear that a more impartial approach must be applied to ensure the transparent use of digital services for all.

How is the customer experience changing?

The customer experience is inevitably changing, especially under the pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has significantly accelerated the digitization of services. Customers want quick answers, ask for support across multiple channels, and demand an empathetic service that can meet their specific needs and provide personalized assistance.

The world is changing fast and companies need to keep pace to ensure an effective customer care service. In this regard, we at We Are Fiber have developed specific sentiment analysis strategies to optimize the web reputation of companies and the level of public satisfaction.

In the context of digital transformation, the employees themselves are involved in the foreground, where they should perfectly understand the dynamics of the tools they use to offer adequate customer service. If operators are having trouble managing customer service software, how can they hope to ensure efficient consumer support? For this reason, our staff “experiments” first hand with the instruments available, to identify any critical issues and resolve them upstream.

We Are Fiber aims to offer an excellent customer experience first and foremost for our own partners, who, in turn, can guarantee it to their users. To enhance our service and identify opportunities for improvement, we operate on several levels. From this perspective, the employee experience must go hand in hand with that of the customers. If employees have a positive experience with the tools available, it will be the same for the customers who receive the service.

According to a report, in companies where employees are more involved, there is higher customer satisfaction and a lower turnover of staff. 

An increasingly agile architecture to ensure an adequate customer experience

The CIO (Chief Information Officer) of every company must understand the technology used and how this affects the business, but must also appreciate how each business sector operates. Technology is important, but it must be channeled according to your needs within a solid and well-defined infrastructure.

The architecture of a company must be agile and scalable and aim to pursue the following objectives:

  • enhancement and simplification of the customer experience;
  • optimization of touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle;
  • reworking of employee experience;
  • increased automation.

Infrastructure must adapt and develop based on the growth of the company, which must adjust to face the epochal changes that are already underway in the best possible manner. For this reason, a versatile mentality is required, ready for constant revisions, so as to guarantee better productivity and a more streamlined and nimble working methodology.

With We Are Fiber, you can achieve these results in no time.

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