Sentiment analysis: what it is and how to exploit it for companies

sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is a form of analysis focusing on the views and interactions that users have with a brand in a given context and in a specific time frame. To better understand the definition of sentiment analysis, it is appropriate to immerse ourselves in the world of social media, which is no longer a simple means of communication, but a marketing tool in all respects.

Sentiment analysis on social networks: how does it work?

Sentiment analysis

On social networks, users release a series of personal opinions and comments, which contain important data and information that allows two specific actions:

  • affects the company’s web reputation;
  • indicates the level of satisfaction of the public.

By collecting this data, companies can learn about feelings, preferences, purchasing habits and a great deal of other information relating to customers, in order to then draw up the most appropriate production and communication strategies.

Sentiment analysis in social media aims to raise user interactions on the web, ranging from written texts to feedback and written reviews on social networks in relation to a service, a product, an event or even a single individual.

People who make judgments are defined as carriers of opinions that can have three tendencies: positive, negative or neutral.

Sentiment analysis with machine learning

When it comes to sentiment analysis in marketing, a question arises. Much of the judgments and comments released on social networks inevitably possess an emotional element. The question then is: how does a machine “extract” the emotion felt by a user in a specific context and after a specific experience?

Here sentiment analysis software comes into play which, based on machine learning, data mining and natural language processing, is able to empathize with the user and understand what emotions were felt when the comment was made, and then classify this as positive, negative and neutral.

Sentiment analysis in big data

Social media is an extraordinary source from which to benefit from the study of big data, that is, the enormous flow of data and information at the service of companies. Through online sentiment analysis, it is possible to make forecasts for the present and predict scenarios in real time for the future, in the medium and long term.

As this is an extremely versatile analysis, it can be applied across various sectors, including sports, marketing, communication, stock markets, etc. In this way, you can more easily intercept new potential customers, identify market trends and monitor the type of conversations related to your brand.

How to read web sentiment analysis data

For a correct report on sentiment analysis, it is important to know how to read the data. In this regard, we at We Are Fiber provide you with sentiment analysis tools in Italian, capable of collecting a huge flow of data from different platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn, blogs to forums, YouTube to Instagram, marketplaces to ads.

These are advanced tools that take into consideration only certain parts of a text, for example, those that contain the name of your brand, and then analyze the tone, the emotions, the relevance, etc. In this phase, even adjectives, emoticons and punctuation are analyzed to frame the user’s emotions. Is that sentence written in an ironic manner? Does it have a positive or negative meaning? Does it convey a sarcastic tone? These are the sort of questions answered by online sentiment analysis tools.

By taking advantage of these tools, you can aim for 99% customer satisfaction, the highest aspiration for any company. The numbers prove us right, as the brands that have chosen us as partners have seen their web reputation increase by 22%, with customer care improved by 19%. Starting from the data obtained through this analysis, you can optimize your assistance services and provide ad hoc support based on the specific needs of your target audience.

The analysis must be carried out taking into account two aspects:

  • the context in which a sentence is written;
  • the possibility that a word may have multiple meanings.

Advanced artificial intelligence tools are able to comprehend these two aspects, without the risk of errors or misunderstandings.

The advantages of sentiment analysis tools for companies 

Sentiment analysis tools act as a huge funnel that filters comments and conversations related to your company by providing an interpretation which is real and relevant.

Compared to traditional market surveys, which took place face to face, via email, or telephone, you get three important advantages:

  • cost reduction;
  • time reduction;
  • truthful and unmanned end results.

You can thus get a complete report on the preferences of your customers, but also on the general performance of your business.

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