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Virtual assistants

Very often, those who run a company, whether small or large, must keep a variety of aspects within the business under control. One becomes a manager, a salesperson, a marketing expert and one needs to be effective in every role. 

However, keeping track of such daily tasks often results in distraction and losing focus on the essential business activities that matter most. So, how can this be fixed so that everything goes smoothly? The solution is much simpler than you think. 

You may simply require a virtual assistant who can do most of these demanding tasks, while leaving you free to focus on the core business and expansion of the company.

Recent research has shown that a virtual assistant can increase efficiency by working full time or as and when required, becoming an important asset within the team. 

In this article, we will reveal the main services that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant. 

What a virtual assistant does 

Virtual assistants

If entrepreneurs increasingly outsource their activities to virtual assistants, they do so for a variety of reasons. The vast majority, however, outsource purely to save time they would otherwise need to spend on more low-key but necessary tasks.

There are two types of virtual assistants (VAs) and both make life easier. 

The digital assistants are those like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant. They are software programs that can interpret and execute basic requests. Consider things like finding restaurant and vacation recommendations, booking an Uber, setting reminders, and controlling your smart home. Simple enough, but still quite useful.

But then there are a number of tasks that you can’t do or simply don’t have the time to do and that are very complex for a digital virtual assistant. In these cases, the answer is to hire a human virtual assistant

When to use a virtual assistant

By outsourcing the right tasks to these human VAs, you can become more productive, carving out more time to focus on important jobs. 


Not sure what you could outsource to human virtual assistants? Here are some ideas.

Digital marketing and communication activities 

It may seem difficult to delegate communication with your company’s customers, especially if your business strategy involves creating a personalized experience for them. However, communication is one of the most time-consuming business activities, particularly when done through email.


As your business grows, it will become impossible to conduct all of your communication personally. So, it becomes necessary to free up time and entrust some tasks to a specialized virtual assistant. 


In particular, among the activities that can be delegated, are the following: 

  • Filtering the mailbox and deleting spam / junk mail
  • Providing customer support via email (responding to requests for help and support tickets)
  • Writing, editing and sending email follow-ups to customers 
  • Providing live chat support for your online customers
  • Sending thank you notes and invitations
  • Keeping email lists up to date (adding new subscribers and removing non-subscribers)
  • Producing and sending email newsletters.
  • Content creation 

Company administration

When you run a small business or startup, it’s tough to deal with all the administrative tasks on a daily basis. If your business is successful, there will come a point where you find that you are faced with a constant compromise between activities that directly support growth and continuous improvement and those annoying but necessary administration activities.


A virtual assistant can save you the frustration of being torn between strategic and administrative tasks.


Here’s what you can delegate: 


  • Creating forms to use in your business
  • Creating document templates
  • Data filtering / improvement / management
  • Accounting
  • Customer billing


Social media management

Social media can be a huge boon for your marketing and customer engagement efforts, but if you don’t have the time to manage social media properly, all of this activity can soon start to collide with your job.


If you hire a virtual assistant with social media management experience, you will be able to manage these activities and stay in contact with customers: 


  • Posting status updates on social media
  • Managing and generating followers
  • Planning and publishing posts 
  • Uploading videos to YouTube
  • Moderating and responding to comments on social media sites 
  • Replying to messages and queries on social media channels


Corporate data management and control 

Corporate data management is often overlooked, even in the largest organizations. It can be even more difficult to manage your data on your own when running a small business. At the same time, it’s a shame to let data that is overlooked or disorderly hinder your performance.


A good virtual assistant will be more than capable of performing the following tasks:  


  • Data entry and cleaning for corporate information systems (e.g. CRM)
  • Managing online storage media, such as Dropbox and Google Drive 
  • Spreadsheets and / or database management 
  • Planning and managing data / system backups 

How to find a good virtual assistant

After identifying which activities you need to delegate to a virtual assistant, it is important to choose the right person to save time. Professionalism, competence and experience cannot be improvised, but are acquired in the field, which is why it is necessary to rely on companies that have been operating in the sector for years. 


Outsourcing does not mean escaping from one’s responsibilities, but it is the ability to be more responsible with one’s collaborators, thus relying on professionals capable of non-strategic yet exhausting tasks, while still maintaining full control of them yourself.


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