Which companies need a data entry service?

data entry service

Every day, small, medium and large companies have to manage and order a huge amount of data, which must be kept in a special archive. Until a few years ago, the transfer of data, whether paper or digital, was done manually. This operation was lengthy, tiring and very expensive in terms of time and money.

Today, the data entry process has been replaced by data entry services which, thanks to special machinery and cutting-edge technologies, accelerate the entire operation, guaranteeing significant cost and time savings for companies, which can then focus more on their core business.

In what follows, those activities that most require a data entry service will be analyzed. If you wish to know how to digitize documents through outsourcing, simply contact us at We Are Fiber. The outsourcing of this service allows you to rely on a partner specialized in this sector, without having to use internal resources with much more sustainable costs.

In which sectors are data entry services indispensable?

Data entry service

All companies, regardless of the area in which they operate and their size, can greatly benefit from a data entry service, since they inevitably have to manage a large amount of data. However, data entry is especially essential for those companies that focus their entire activity on the analysis and use of certain data.

Industries, companies and factories have to deal with operations such as invoices, transactions, the management of working hours, contracts, and payroll on a daily basis. Naturally, such data collection must be customized according to specific needs.

Data entry is a service increasingly requested by e-commerce businesses, a reality that has now established itself in the world of commerce. Online shops must frequently update their windows and then insert, label and classify products, providing them with appropriate technical data sheets and prices. E-commerce businesses are the companies that primarily outsource the data entry service, to focus more on their core business.

Online insurance and financial companies must update and consult the likes of documents, insurance policies, contracts, and bank details every day. In this way, they come to understand the insurance and / or financial history of a customer to propose updates, offer new contractual solutions, etc.

Even the world of logistics and transport has to process a great deal of paper documents on a daily basis, such as bills, invoices, and delivery and cargo reports. By digitizing all this data, work becomes much leaner and faster.

Private hospitals and clinics have to manage medical data, patient records, appointments, and medical bills. In this case, the data entry service becomes an ally for improving productivity and internal organization.

The list is long and includes: supermarkets and shops, which may, for example, require data entry services to activate loyalty cards; companies supplying utilities, such as telephone, electricity and gas, that have to manage a large volume of contracts; restaurants, hotels and agritourisms that have to update customers’ arrival and departure details, or online menus.

The 4 insertion activities

To make the most of the potential of data entry, you must choose the insertion method that best suits your needs. In this regard, four types can be identified: data cleansing, data processing, data classification and data conversion.

Data cleansing is designed to include updated information stored on databases, removing incorrect and duplicate data. In this way, the available data is correct and continuously updated.

Data processing includes more or less similar features, since it involves collecting and editing the information and then analyzing this at a later stage, according to specific objectives.

Data classification organizes all available data, taking into account its characteristics, in specific filtered categories. So, tracing a document becomes simple, recovering precious time for the benefit of speed and productivity.

Finally, data conversion involves the conversion of data from one format to another. Some companies need to convert paper, video or audio files into digital format, so as to make them immediately usable.

What are the advantages of data entry

Outsourcing data entry means optimizing the time and resources available, increasing the quality of the databases created. We at We Are Fiber make use of an experienced and prepared staff and the best technologies on the market, offering you a reliable and error-free service.

Data entry services can also be requested intermittently. Tourist activities, for example, encounter a large flow of reservations and hence data at specific times of the year, such as summer, Christmas, and Easter. In this case, it is possible to request the service for a limited period, without making unnecessary investments for the whole year.

To find out more, just contact us, so that we can provide answers to all your questions to solve any critical issue.

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