Customer engagement: personalized communication for the success of the brand

Customer engagement

Satisfied customers are the true value of a company: they buy products and services more often and promote your brand. Dissatisfied customers, on the other hand, cost more to handle complaints and discourage potential customers from doing business with you. 

This assumption, which may seem trivial, is actually the engine behind the strategies that help your business to grow. The need to create a relationship with customers, where the intention is to guide their purchasing decisions and engagement with the brand, is called customer engagement

Users are no longer passive subjects who are content to receive messages from the company, but their will is increasingly oriented towards an active and participatory two-way dialogue, where they can maintain a constructive exchange with the brand they have chosen. 

So, it has become increasingly important to create personalized communication with users, who will feel at the center of the choices and experiences of the brand.  

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement

In defining customer engagement, it is necessary to understand that this term indicates the degree and depth of the relationship that is created between the brand and its target audience. 

Customer engagement sees the active participation of users, who take part in the creation of experiences. The latter then become personalized and unique for the end user. Each time a customer interacts with a brand, in fact, he or she makes a cognitive, emotional and behavioral investment. This means that no purchase is simply functional, but contains within it a wider system of values, in which the aspirations and motivations of those who buy must meet those of the brand they choose.

Consumer engagement: how to improve interaction with customers

To understand how to build and measure the success of an engagement strategy, it is essential to consider a number of metrics. 

Customer satisfaction is certainly part of these measurement methods: the fact that users like the products or services offered by a brand is essential in order to build and continue a relationship with them.

But satisfaction alone is not enough. It is also necessary to look at and measure data relating to brand loyalty and brand retention, or even to what extent those who spontaneously become a customer of a brand are then willing to become its ambassador through word of mouth.

Customer engagement: “tailor-made” experiences are needed

The most cutting-edge brands have invested heavily to offer customers unique experiences across multiple physical and digital channels, with the result that today the level of expectation is higher than ever. 

Today’s customer can be described as omnichannel, or multichannel, where he or she may seek to use an average of 10 different channels to interact with companies. In this regard, the customer expects not only to be connected, but to have a relationship that takes into account his previous experiences. 

An opportunity to differentiate here comes in the form of artificial intelligence, a technology much appreciated by users looking to improve their shopping experiences. 

Staying close to customers with outsourcing

Looking for the perfect relationship with your customers can distract you from your core business and require too much investment. Outsourcing, when done correctly, can provide the same levels of customer service with the added benefits of scalability and flexibility. 

It is for this reason that We Are Fiber helps companies to provide the best customer support. Customer experience is a vital part of customer service for us. No matter what industry you operate in, We Are Fiber is customer centered. Having customers as a priority has resulted in us creating a personalized and enjoyable customer experience. 

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