Why rely on a ticketing management service?

ticketing service?

The digitization of processes has brought many advantages, but also many responsibilities. In terms of customer care, customers have multiple channels available to approach the company and send requests. At the same time, however, companies have to support a very large flow of requests, which is often simply impossible to manage with traditional instruments.

The ticketing service represents the ideal solution, as it allows you to solve problems reported via email, chat, messages, forms or phone calls quickly and in an orderly and structured manner. Ticketing allows you to keep track of requests for assistance, drawing on the expertise of a qualified and dedicated resource that deals with responding or assigning the ticket to the right team.

What is a ticketing management system?

ticketing service

Ticketing is a system capable of managing long lists of assistance requests or problems reported by customers. It is associated with a database that contains information about customers, products and services provided. Thanks to dedicated ticketing management software, all phases of the process are carefully tracked and managed, from reporting the problem to its resolution and closure.

Providing a valid assistance service means having satisfied customers, so serving to solidify the brand awareness of a company, which is seen as reliable and organized. Essentially, every company that provides assistance and support to customers needs an efficient ticketing system. If your company still does not have one, read on to learn about the advantages of ticketing services, especially in relation to the help desk service.

How to handle problems in an organized manner

If problems occur in a bank or shop, for instance, customers ask to speak to the manager, who is considered a professional and trusted figure, able to resolve the matter. Of course, the director cannot intervene every time a small critical issue occurs, as this is not really his or her job.

The same thing happens when problems arise with a company and the matter is expected to be resolved as quickly as possible by a competent person. However, within a company, it is not possible to entrust interventions to the same people every time, especially as different skills and knowledge may be required, depending on the issue at hand.

What does the ticketing service do then? It helps to set up case escalation that allows you to manage problems properly, sorting them according to the skills of the operators and the right levels of intervention. In this way, the skills of internal resources are optimized, since requests for assistance are entrusted to the people who have the right knowledge to solve them.

Greater division and organization of workloads

Some customers tend to become attached to those operators who have previously solved their problems, so they prefer to interface only with them. However, this is not feasible, as there is a risk of burdening an operator with too many requests. With an efficient ticketing system, it is possible to avoid work overload, assigning interventions only after consulting the number of interventions entrusted to the various operators. In this way, operators can work without excessive stress and requests are processed in less time.

Better division of labor also means greater organization. Some companies, in responding to customer requests, use the traditional email system. However, emails can be sent to multiple email addresses, so operators don’t know if a colleague has already replied. In this case, there is a risk that several people respond to the same customer, generating great confusion. There is also the possibility that no one will answer, because everyone is convinced that a colleague has already taken charge of the request. In these cases, it is complicated to follow all the steps of managing the intervention.

The ticketing system keeps all customer requests perfectly in order and subsequent communications are organized, without wasting time or incurring oversights. This structure improves the productivity and effectiveness of the company and reduces intervention times.

A valid sounding board on the efficiency of customer service

The system keeps track of all the assistance and support activities provided to the customer, so as to analyze the quality of the service offered, make the appropriate changes where necessary, and identify weaknesses and points of power. Based on the history of the data, it is also possible to evaluate the average response and resolution times of the problem. This speeds up the loyalty process and it also becomes easier to acquire new customers, thanks to a professional approach that improves the company’s image.

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