Positive thinking about sales, the techniques to be used and the rules to follow

Positive thinking about sales, the techniques to be used and the rules to follow

The goal of every company is to sell as much as possible and maximize profits. Of course, not all negotiations result in a sale, nor do all visitors to an e-commerce site convert into customers. However, there are mental attitudes that, while not directly intervening in the negotiation or in the choices of the potential customer, increase the number of sales and, consequently, the company profit.

This attitude can be summed up in two words: positive thinking.

It is a mix of motivation, optimism and positive attitude that helps to better master sales techniques, planning, communicating and relating to partners and customers.

The power of positive thinking must, naturally, be supported by “ad hoc” tools capable of adapting perfectly to the needs of your company. With this in mind, We Are Fiber is the ideal partner to support sales with valuable contacts, and make your customer service more efficient. In this regard, we can strengthen the mental energy and positive thinking that must be channeled into your company, to implement the services you require successfully. To find out more information, contact us at We Are Fiber.

What is neuromarketing?

 What is Positive Sales Thinking?

The strength of positive thinking is closely linked to the concept of neuromarketing, resulting from the fusion of two words: neuro and marketing. The first term is an abbreviation of neurology, that is the branch of medicine that studies the anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system, the peripheral somatic system and the peripheral autonomic nervous system. The second term refers to the process of buying and selling products and services. Neuromarketing therefore means neuroscience applied to marketing and sales, which hence focuses on the knowledge of the cognitive processes that push a consumer to become a customer.

For companies, as sellers, it is critical to understand what influences the behavior of

buyers, so as to intervene in a precise manner. Marketing is wrapped up in the concept of communication, so it is necessary to communicate in the right way with potential customers to break down their defensive barriers and win their trust. It is not an easy step, but it is essential to understand the customer’s buying behavior in order to achieve this. In this context, all the tools offered by positive thinking must be exploited, which helps in terms of empathizing with the buyer.

Positive thinking through the customer experience

Many companies do not pay the right attention to the customer experience, which is an absolutely fatal mistake. The key to positive thinking lies with the customer experience, that is, the set of thoughts, emotions, opinions and instincts that accompany the customer before, during and after the purchase process. The sensations and emotions experienced by the potential buyer vary depending on whether he is in a factory, a shop, a shopping center or in front of the PC while browsing an e-commerce site, but they all have a decisive impact on his final choice.

For this reason, it is advisable to rely on an extremely efficient and dependable customer care service. This is where We Are Fiber can assist, being perfectly capable of responding adequately and comprehensively to user requests using a variety of different channels.

As previously touched upon, empathy is a fundamental tool that is part of neuromarketing and helps in terms of building customer loyalty. A customer service, when done correctly, is certainly something which customers perceive positively, thus triggering a cycle that leads to loyalty.

It is also important to understand that most purchases are made instinctively, and not rationally. Have you ever gone shopping to buy shoes and come back with a shirt and jacket instead? That’s why it’s critical to appreciate the thinking patterns that affect shopper behavior.

Law of attraction and positive thinking

When we talk about the techniques of positive thinking, naturally the law of attraction will come up, a theory applicable in any field. In a sense, the law of attraction implies longing for something, so as to make it happen.  

For instance, perhaps you meet a client described by many of your employees as obnoxious, short-tempered and unbearable. Hence, when you meet, you hold a prejudice against him and, even if he appears likeable and bright, your preconception prevents you from seeing his positive aspects.

In contrast, let’s assume your co-workers have given you a very positive picture of a customer. Maybe, when you meet this customer, he appears grumpy and stubborn, but your optimistic outlook allows you to spot the positives in this person.

The attitude to follow is the second one, since looking at the world through optimistic eyes allows you to channel positive energy towards the goals you have set for yourself. In addition, this attitude will assist you in overcoming and bypassing the obstacles that stand before you with greater ease. 

In this process, we at We Are Fiber are by your side, ready to provide you with the services and support you need.

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