Paperless processes: eliminating paper in the office


For some time, there has been talk of dematerialization, a process aimed at reducing the use of paper as much as possible in favor of the digitization of files, data and documents. Even if companies have understood the importance of this step, not all are equipping themselves with the right tools, perhaps because they are anchored to traditional and obsolete IT.

So, how do companies get rid of paper in the office? It is necessary to follow a structured process and equip yourself with the right tools to digitize and automate company documents, making them immediately available at any time and in any place. The advantages for companies are significant in logistical, economic and environmental terms.

A lack of digital documentation within an organization negatively affects the productivity of the company and equates to high and often fruitless expenses. For example, if an employee cannot find paper documents, such as a receipt or invoice, then new ones must be created, resulting in excessive paper consumption.

Are you looking for a fast and effective way to make your office paperless?

We at We Are Fiber have the right solutions to support the dematerialization process for your company and optimize earnings through sophisticated data entry technologies.

What are the main advantages of dematerialization?


Dematerialization is one of the pillars of digital transformation, an opportunity which needs to be seized so as not to risk being overtaken by the competition.

Until a few decades ago, paper was one of the highest expense items for companies. Saving on paper is therefore a priority, both to contain costs and to reduce the excessive consumption of paper, which impacts on the environment. From this perspective, it is also appropriate to consider the advantages in terms of image return. Today, environmental challenges are very much part of public opinion. A company that uses paperless processes to reduce its environmental impact certainly acquires points in the eyes of partners, customers and suppliers.

Another important aspect concerns the recovery of physical space within companies. It may seem like a secondary issue, but having little office space negatively affects productivity. Firstly, there is less space within which to move, so slowing down working times. In addition, employees feel a sense of “oppression” that hinders their output. Very often, work spaces are occupied by large folders of documents crammed into furniture and cabinets, which can easily be digitized.

Speaking of productivity, employees often waste valuable time searching through and consulting documents. In a pile of folders, it is not always straightforward to recover the necessary documents. Indeed, there is also the risk of losing them. On the other hand, immediately identifying documents stored on computers, pen drives or scanned folders is simple and saves valuable time. Moreover, paper documents can deteriorate over time, which is impossible if they are properly digitized.

Finally, it is necessary to consider the possibility of accessing the documents at any time and from any place. For example, let’s take a company that works with overseas clients, where time zones are different, and suppose it needs an urgent document outside of office hours. If the document is on paper, the employee cannot consult it, because to retrieve it he/she must first reach the office. However, if the document is digitized, it can easily be found from a PC, smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device.

The importance of data entry services

Now that you understand why it is so important to equip your company with paperless processes, you may be wondering about the most suitable strategy for your needs. This is where We Are Fiber comes into play, offering you a series of data entry services that simplify access to non-digitized information, including data lists and customer databases. In particular, we offer outsourced data entry services to speed up the digitization and transcription processes of data, managing resources in a flexible and efficient way.

By transforming data from paper to digital, We are Fiber supports companies in improving and implementing business processes, as we also evaluate the best solution for each company, depending on its unique set of needs.

Through process standardization and internal quality checks, we minimize the possibility of any errors, establishing a tailored pricing model according to the results achieved in the process. Should your needs change over time, we are ready to deal with volume changes quickly and reorganize these in no time. All this takes place with adherence to the maximum protection and privacy of your company data.

We evaluate case by case and take action on the basis of requests. For more information on the methods of corporate dematerialization through data entry processes, contact us.

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