How does instant and automated customer support work?

Today, selling a quality product is certainly a good start when it comes to attracting customers, but it’s not enough. Consumers want to have a satisfying and complete shopping experience, starting with support and advice during the selection phase and finishing off with excellent after-sales service. It is also critical to intercept their needs, suggesting the products that are exactly right for them and providing the answers to their questions in advance.

Are you thinking this is simply not possible? With We Are Fiber, it can become your reality. Our experience in the field of customer support means that we are able to provide you with the competitive lever you require in order to be one step ahead of your competition.

Customer care is a priority asset, because it represents the most direct connection between you and your customers. The consumer will certainly recall the assistance you provided and the services you offered, so it is essential that you pay attention to these aspects of your business. If you wish to know more about how instant and automated customer support works, contact us (CTA). We are here to offer you exactly what you need.

What is business process automation?

In the modern era, all companies, whether large or small, have to handle digital transformation, that is, the process of technological, organizational and cultural changes aimed at making every activity more efficient and streamlined. Thanks to digital transformation, which exploits new digital technologies, you can monitor and analyze the dynamics of the customer experience in more depth and adopt improvements as necessary.

The automation of business processes helps to plan actions and manage data and information, thus reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of business activities. Company departments, even if they deal with very different aspects of the business, work in conjunction with one another and have the ability to access data and information to check the respective progress of each department. As a result, repetitive tasks are reduced and each employee can concentrate on his/her goal, without being distracted by additional jobs or tasks.

A perfect mix of technology and human resources

Instant and automated customer support fuses technological tools, such as chatbots and newsletters, with human resources, who intervene when necessary, so providing added value. We at We Are Fiber rely on this ideal mix to provide an efficient, responsive and timely customer care service.

Among the tools we use are chatbots, artificial intelligence platforms “trained” to answer the most frequently asked questions by users. This greatly reduces unnecessary phone calls and emails, as chatbots provide solutions to customer problems. If artificial intelligence is not able to support the customer adequately, there are operators in the flesh who, through live chat, video chat or telephone, can ensure the right assistance. Even in our technological society, the human element retains its centrality. Customers want to solve their problems quickly, but without giving up the human relationship.

The benefits of business process automation

It’s easy to see the benefits of business process automation, which improves coordination between departments and reduces the flow of emails and phone calls. Centralized process management allows you to record and modify all operations, reducing the risk of losing valuable information and data.

The automation of business processes means you can plan a structured hierarchy, defining roles and responsibilities between the various departments in order to facilitate and streamline work. Human errors are significantly reduced, which is critical as these result in a slowdown in processes and higher costs to the company. The likes of late processing of orders, incorrect shipments and consequent returns, and accounting errors can all be minimized, which saves on costs and improves profitability.

We Are Fiber is here to assist you with this automation process, bringing significant benefits to your business. For instance, if you have an e-commerce company, automation opens up a number of capabilities, such as determining the status of each order, ascertaining the main reasons for returns, and monitoring your warehouse to understand if there are any missing or excess products. This saves time and effort, so that you can focus more on the core activities of your business.

By leveraging process automation, you can make the necessary corrections to those mistakes that have served to hinder the growth of your company. Without automation, you need to see business processes through their natural cycles, before spotting errors and problems. By this time, it is often too late.

The automation of business processes is a key element in making your business competitive and effective. Ignoring automation implies staying put, while your competitors keep moving forward. To stay ahead of the game, get in touch with us. Your victory will be our victory!


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