What is customer service and how is it used?

customer service

If you have a company, you will surely understand how important customer service is and know how best to handle it.  However, many businesses focus more on the product than on the customer, who should always be central to both the company and market.

The customer, of course, is the one who buys and consequently generates profit for your business.

If your customer is satisfied with the service received, he/she will continue to buy from you and will speak well of your company, creating a cycle that translates into positive word of mouth

On the other hand, if your customer is dissatisfied with the service received, he/she will no longer buy from you, causing a decrease in profits and negative word of mouth.

Many companies pay more attention to the product itself or to the business organization, disregarding customer care. We at We Are Fiber are by your side to ensure efficient customer service, capable of improving your performance at winning and retaining users.

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What is customer service, customer care and customer satisfaction?

How to use customer service?

Customer service, while nuanced and varying slightly depending on the business circumstances, has, as its main objective, the satisfaction of the consumer in mind.

Customer service concerns assistance before, during or after a purchase and involves the use of specific tools, such as call centers, chatbots, follow-ups, and surveys, to offer maximum support to the consumer.

Customer care can be understood as the set of initiatives promoted by a company to intercept the needs of the customer, so that he/she can find satisfactory answers to the issues and challenges experienced with the product or service.

Technical assistance may also be provided online, so as to remotely troubleshoot failures or malfunctions of the product.

Finally, customer satisfaction is understood as the happiness, contentment or fulfillment of the customer, to be measured and monitored with specific tools, in order to ascertain the efficiency of the services offered.

A successful customer service strengthens the bond between the brand and the consumer, an aspect that should not be underestimated. According to certain market analyzes, 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product, provided that they receive better customer service than that given by the competition. Similarly, 89% of consumers have turned to competing companies, in the event that they receive little assistance from the company in question.

We Are Fiber’s task is to build up the relationship between your company and the customer, so that you are chosen first and customers come away fully satisfied with the services you offer. 


The importance of customer service

Now that you understand what customer service is, let’s take a deeper look at why it’s so important.

Customers are the cornerstone of your business, not only because they buy, but also because they can provide you with very useful information on the effectiveness and quality of your offering

Feedback and reviews are invaluable in understanding what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be strengthened in the sales process or in the product itself. In this way, you can shape a tailor-made article and provide services capable of satisfying your target customers. If you can’t provide your customers with value, they’ll go elsewhere. Today’s consumers are very different compared to those of a few decades ago, since they are not limited to evaluating only the quality of the product, but also everything that revolves around it. This includes the welcome and advice they receive, after-sales service, returns and refunds etc. Times change and you simply have to keep up, so as not to lose ground to your competitors.

The essential requirements of customer service

We Are Fiber offers an organized and well-structured customer-centric system, which is critical  for a winning customer service.

When it comes to customer service, it is necessary to respect the customer, who must feel valued. It is therefore essential to show interest and empathy with regard to the customer’s problems, always using a friendly and understanding tone.

Another priority factor is honesty, since the customer expects seriousness and transparency from the company. Don’t hide anything or promise him/her something which cannot be attained, as, in the long-run, you will lose the customer.

The customer care service must be as linear and simple as possible. Today, consumers get straight to the point, as they don’t want to waste time, so the answer to their problems must be decisive and timely. Another important aspect to remember: always thank him/her and possibly listen to his/her advice. In this way, the customer will feel pampered and valued.

Don’t ignore the customer’s problem, much less their negative feedback and reviews. Indifference drives customers away, so be sure to respond clearly and promptly to everyone, showing that you are available and attentive to every complaint.

We at We Are Fiber offer an array of online assistance, such as live chats or phone calls, artificial intelligence based chatbots, or hybrid chat services (a mix of AI and human interaction).

We are convinced that excellent customer service is essential for the success of a company, and so we provide an innovative service capable of adapting to every need and requirement.

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