How to digitize sales processes to be competitive in the market?

How to digitize sales processes to be competitive in the market?

Digitization has become a popular concept in today’s society, so much so that it can be defined as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. The fundamental idea of digitization is to simplify the use of technology and exploit it according to your needs and requirements. It is often mistakenly thought that digitizing means going from paper to digital, but this is too simplistic an explanation.

Digital processes have evolved to such an extent that they can play very different parts in the various business sectors. In particular for our purposes, they have assumed a central role in marketing and sales.

We at We Are Fiber are able to offer diverse digital processes, to be customized so as to meet different needs and requirements. Do you want to know more about the digitalization of sales processes?

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How has marketing changed in recent years?

Before delving into the digitalization of sales, it is essential to understand how marketing has changed over just a short space of time. Until a few years ago, to find customers, it was enough to attend trade fairs, make appointments, and send emails and catalogs, which were often cold and anonymous. The company-customer relationship was one-sided: the first “imposed” the product on the market, and the second bought it passively. Today, this no longer works, as customers are increasingly demanding and desire to take an active role in the sales process.

Rather, finding new customers now entails inbound marketing. What does this mean? It is not the company that seeks contacts, but the customers themselves who are attracted by the company. Obviously, the process is not that simple, but companies have to put in place a series of strategies capable of attracting customers. The digitalization of marketing and sales is a mandatory process for businesses who want to remain competitive in this environment. For this, it is advisable to rely on professionals in the sector, which is where We Are Fiber steps in.

The digitization of marketing

Digitization of sales processes: how does it work?

The digitization of marketing, which can be defined as marketing automation, is based on three fundamental steps: attract, convert and close.

In such a saturated and competitive market, you have to attract the audience with interesting content that your potential target may like. The traffic that arrives on your blog, your social page or your e-commerce site is still “anonymous”, so you have to profile this in order to identify the suitable conversion mechanisms to transform visitors into identifiable users. At this point, you need to obtain the visitor data, for example, by offering valuable content such as an e-book, a webinar, a tutorial, or a catalog free of charge. The final step involves converting the user from a simple visitor to a buyer and loyal customer.


The digitalization of sales

Marketing automation helps to intercept customers and carry them through the purchasing process. However, a company’s sales also needs to be optimized, which is where a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system comes in, being software capable of collecting, analyzing and measuring all customer data. You can say goodbye to Post-its scattered around the office or incomprehensible Excel sheets and, instead, adopt a linear and automated system.

Knowing your customers’ buying habits, tastes and preferences helps you to close a sale faster. Firstly, it is essential to obtain all the information necessary to profile a contact and manage the relationship in the best possible way. Some companies prefer in-person meetings; others have little time available and can only contact prospects and customers on the phone or by using video conferences.

For successful growth, it is critical to know the habits of your customers and a CRM is a necessary tool for this purpose. However, processing and studying your customers’ data requires time and diverts your attention from the company’s core business. This is where we at We Are Fiber comes into play, by supporting your sales with valuable contacts and optimizing all your business processes.

The benefits of a CRM

CRMs act as information integrators, but at the same time, play an active role in marketing during the sales funnel. By exploiting the data obtained from your CRM, We Are Fiber is able to: understand the keywords of interest to your target; reconstruct the behavior and buying patterns of customers during purchases; understand which products or services attract the most interest, etc. Through monitoring and profiling customers, we help you optimize and refine the entire sales process.

In the collection of data, we at We Are Fiber fully comply with the GDPR legislation, tracking and gathering data and information on customers by adhering to current regulations. 

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