First and Second Level Help Desk: What is it and how does it work?

First and Second Level Help Desk

New technologies have made it possible to improve call centers for private and public companies, thus providing an effective service to customers. However, many companies continue to underestimate the importance of call centers which, if they are malfunctioning and ineffective, result in a negative return in terms of brand image for the company.

What happens if a call center is equipped with few operators and inadequate and obsolete equipment? It is not possible to deal quickly with the flow of telephone calls and customers are forced to wait anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes. This wait time leads to a stressful situation for the customer, who is then already quite angry when he/she finally talks to an operator. The telephone operator, who is not at fault and may have just finished talking to another customer who was upset about wait times, now has to face the anger and disappointment of the new user.

In this situation, your operators work under a considerably stressful condition, so they cannot be expected to be functioning at their very best. Customers, on the other hand, do not look favorably on your company, which seems unable to offer an adequate and professional service.

The solution? We at We Are Fiber have it and it is called the first and second level help desk, which is adaptable according to different needs and requirements. Do you want to know more about the first and second level help desk services we offer? Contact us and we will find the ideal solution for you.

First and second level help desk: what does it mean?

How does the first and second level IT help desk work for companies?

When customers contact your call center, they need support, but the issues vary greatly. It is for this reason that we speak of a first and second level help desk.

If the problem is simple and standardized, the operator can provide sufficient information and is able to solve it in a short space of time. The customer then obtains the resolution to his/her problem, while the operator optimizes the time available and is free to answer other phone calls. If, on the other hand, the issue is more complex than expected, the operator takes charge of the caller’s request and transfers it directly to the relevant office that has more in-depth knowledge. The internal staff evaluates the request, consults the necessary material, takes notes, and then contacts the customers based on the importance and urgency of the requested intervention. In this case, it is a first level help desk.

Second level support is the condition in which the operator delves into the nature of the problem in real time and tries to solve it directly online. If the issue requires more in-depth analysis and further investigation, a so-called ticket is opened. In this case, the problem is transferred to technical staff with a greater skill set who, subsequently, will contact the customer to inform him/her of the resolution of the problem.

What are the advantages of the first and second level help desk?

Customer satisfaction has become a critical requirement for undertaking company analysis, since it implies customer loyalty and enhances brand identity. There is, of course, a considerable saving of time, money and energy with this system, since the first level help desk performs an initial screening of phone calls. Some take only a few minutes and allow you to solve the problem in no time. 

The benefits are:

  • a satisfied customer;
  • the resolution of the problem, which therefore improves the image of your company and speeds up the sales and production processes;
  • a greater number of fully-effective and efficient operators available.

Sometimes, problem solving requires the intervention of specialized personnel and this is where the second level help desk comes into play. The customer, no doubt, will be pleasantly surprised by the technical and problem-solving ability of your company, so you can complete the customer loyalty process.

How to evaluate the quality of the service?

The first and second level help desk should be sufficient to solve the problems presented by your customers quickly and effectively. To be sure of their satisfaction, however, you must use special tools to monitor and evaluate the quality of the service.

To receive feedback from customers, you should call them directly or use digitized services. In this way, you can understand if there are gaps in your customer support service, so as to select the most appropriate strategies to improve them. In addition, you are better able to understand the needs and requirements of your customers, offering a support service created “ad hoc” for them.

We Are Fiber is able to offer a first and second level help desk service for every need, active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This way, we are always by your side and can guarantee your customers maximum satisfaction. 


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