Customer support: some advice for great results

Customer Support

Improving customer satisfaction is an increasingly present concern in companies that want to expand. On the other hand, the customer has become increasingly attentive and aware and, in addition to gathering information on products or services, often seeks direct contact with the company by personalizing his shopping experience. 

From this premise arises the need for multi-channel in customer service, which implies the use of multiple communication channels, such as integrated chats on the website, toll-free numbers and a 24-hour secretary. 

The ability to communicate with customers through multiple channels allows new customers, but also those already loyal, to be supported in the shortest possible time. 

However, companies are faced with the problem of not having the necessary know-how available and having to allocate dedicated resources for customer assistance. Improvisation leads to poor customer service that fails to best meet customer requests, which very often go unanswered. 

The most common complaints of an inadequate assistance service concern the lack of courtesy, wait times, unresolved problems, and having to contact the company repeatedly to receive even trivial information. 

When customers are faced with low-quality customer support, they very often leave the company to turn to the competition


Outsourcing to have a winning customer service 


Focusing on human value

Calling customer assistance more and more often means dealing with a virtual switchboard. These systems, although very useful in some cases, are inadequate to manage more complex situations that require the intervention of an operator. 

It is important to provide your customers with a direct line for the company, focusing on service accessible assistance available 24 hours a day

The customer service provided by We Are Fiber is designed to encourage dialogue between users and the company and to speed up the resolution of any problems related to services. It is also intended to provide information and guide the customer in choosing the solution that best suits his/her needs. A team of operators responds with courtesy and professionalism to questions and requests for assistance on services.

Customer Service that Builds Relationships 

Response time, empathy, problem resolution and efficiency can go a long way in building deeper relationships with customers.

Customers are always connected and online with their own devices. This represents a great opportunity for the company to connect with customers in new ways that better meet their needs. 

Businesses need to work faster to deliver better customer service experiences. The more users wait, the faster your business will exclude itself from valuable cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

To have effective and functional customer support for your business goals, it is very important to focus on a qualified team that works proactively, rather than reactively. 

Telephone operators must be carefully chosen, favoring those who are familiar with modern technologies, but also capable of relating to the public and with excellent problem-solving skills. Draw up a comprehensive business plan, keeping costs and revenues under control, to choose future strategies carefully.


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