Work stress: outsourcing improves the well-being of the company

Work stress

Work stress is certainly not uncommon in the workplace environment. A heavy workload and the need to always be at the top leads to many workers suffering from performance stress and the fear of not achieving their goals.  

This is supported by various research studies, such as that of the National Council Of The Order of Psychologists, from which it emerged that 40% of Italian workers show symptoms of work stress. 

The main trigger of this phenomenon is the general insecurity experienced in the world of work today, which leads to a situation of fear and frustration. Another cause is the awareness of not being employed in line with one’s professional profile and interests

These psychological pressures often combine with excessive workloads, multiple, yet simultaneous tasks, and unexpected demands and requests, which can all lead to poor quality and performance at work. 

In turn, this is often attributable to an inferior company organizational structure that prevents employees from taking full advantage of their resources. Many entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the need for personnel management, thinking they can achieve goals by merely focusing on the final product.

Simplifying the organizational structure can help eliminate these problems.

The most advantageous solution used by most companies in this regard is outsourcing.  

In this article, we will outline the advantages of outsourcing some activities into trustworthy hands for your company’s well-being

Avoid overload and optimize staff resources

work stress

Very often, in small and medium-sized companies, employees are required to multitask. A single person has to perform a variety of tasks simultaneously, leading to constant interruptions and carelessness, resulting in unnecessary errors. 

To avoid this phenomenon, it is simply a case of outsourcing the menial tasks in your company, to allow your staff to focus their attention on the core business processes. 

One of the most common examples is entrusting customer service to a specialized external company. 

We Are Fiber is an expert in outsourced customer care, thanks to many years of experience. We support answering customer questions across all company channels, such as technical support, instant messaging, ticketing and toll-free numbers, to offer a quality service consistent with your company’s essence.

Make use of our efficient services


With years of experience behind our name, We Are Fiber is competent across a variety of different business sectors when it comes to outsourcing. The result is an increase in productivity and efficiency of your business processes, leading to their improvement and growth. 

By outsourcing, you get to take advantage of the knowledge of specialized external resources outside of your internal workforce, allowing your company to achieve better results

Ultimately, choosing to outsource means entrusting tasks within your company to people who already carry out similar activities and therefore are more specialized and capable. 

Reduce costs and focus on core business

In addition to employee well-being, outsourcing produces other essential benefits for the company, among which is the reduction of costs. This results in companies being able to invest their capital in other activities that are more important for the business and essentially improve services. 

Companies tend to outsource activities related to distribution, such as marketing and logistics, or those related to operations, such as accounting, billing, or customer care. This choice involves a proportional reduction in costs, as investments in delocalized areas are supported by the BPO.  

Finally, outsourcing less relevant functions of the business allow managers and executives to focus on priority activities, invest in research and development, and create effective branding activities, so facilitating successful strategies and actions.

We at We Are Fiber guarantee our customers a series of high-quality outsourcing services. Our professionals have certified skills in every field and a winning mentality. 

Our main objective is to provide companies with precious resources to use for their growth and strengthen their competitiveness.


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