Customer Loyalty, the importance of retaining the customer

Customer Loyalty

A key role of marketing is customer loyalty, which is the set of activities aimed at strengthening the relationship between the customer and a brand. The ultimate goal is to build customer loyalty, a strategy that leads to countless practical and economic advantages. A loyal customer becomes an “ambassador” for your brand as their experience gives life to brand awareness for your company, through word of mouth advertising.  Even today, in the age of technology, word of mouth continues to be one of the most widespread advertising formulas, due to its negligible costs and viral spread. 

Furthermore, once you have customer loyalty, they will be more inclined to buy your services and products, compared to those of competitors, due to the trust that has developed. 

Are you wondering how to strengthen customer loyalty in your company?

We at We Are Fiber are here to help you interact effectively with your customers via email, newsletters, social media posts, c\conversations and managing customer communications so you are able to better understand their specific needs.

From this, you will be able to customize your offers and products to the needs of your audience. 

The 4 step process to build effective customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

The customer loyalty process includes 4 main steps: attraction, conversion, closure and loyalty.

In the first step, the customer does no yett know your brand, so he/she must be enticed and encouraged to view your products. In the next step, he/she becomes an observer who begins to take an interest in your services. To convert him/her to a buyer, you need to provide the right answers capable of satisfying his/her needs and solving his specific problems. Once he/she buys they become a customer, but the process is not over yet as you have to retain him/her. The sale does not have to be once-off or occasional, rather you must continue to offer useful services for your customer until they are transformed into a promoter of your business.

CRM, the fastest way to collect your customers’ data

The first thing to do is to collect useful customer data, a process that is entrusted to the so-called CRM (Customer Relationship Management). At this stage we at We Are Fiber come into play as we organize, monitor and collate all your useful customer information into a clear target market identity. 

This makes it easier for you to understand how to send your message, what language to use and how to approach customers in the right way. All sectors of your company, from the sales office to the marketing area and to customer service, will then be able to follow precise indications and a uniform path to achieve the final goal: customer loyalty.

Database and email marketing

Database marketing is another very important tool capable of generating curated lists of specific consumers to which you can send targeted communications and information. The database collects information about your customers’ personal, demographic and purchasing habits. All this data is collected in full compliance with privacy legislation, as it is provided by the consumers themselves through forms, subscriptions and downloads.

Database marketing is often accompanied by email marketing, another successful model for reaching your customers safely and quickly. There are many types of email marketing, and you should choose the most suitable model based on your target audience. Some services offer relevant information to your customers, such as new discounts or promotions in progress; others invite you to register on the social pages to be informed about the latest news from your business. The important thing is to address a slice of the market, even a small one while focusing on those customers who are genuinely interested in what your company offers.

Customer Persona Development

Another fundamental step in building customer loyalty is the so-called customer persona development service. A buyer persona represents the identikit of your ideal customer, which is built according to real data that has been gathered, researched, and analyzed.

We at We Are Fiber support you in the analysis and application of your customers’ demographic data, behavioral patterns, personal goals and specific needs so that you are able to understand which services to implement and how to personalize your offer.

In addition to retaining customers, you will also have the opportunity to preempt the needs or requests of future customers. Remember that retaining a customer is much easier and less expensive than capturing new ones.

We Are Fiber is your ideal partner in shaping an effective and winning customer loyalty model.

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