Contact Center: the customer always at the center of the strategy

Contact Center

Customer service is fundamental to the success of any organization. The customer, who should always be at the center, must feel completely supported, and above all, we must try to exceed their expectations. 


Today, in the field of Customer Service, we hear more about the Contact Center, a term that is replacing the traditional Call Center. 


But what is the difference between the Contact Center and Call Center? 


The Contact Center is an evolution of the Call Center, which in addition to the telephone, integrates other communication channels such as chat, e-mail and messages

These additional methods of communication manage to create a more direct relationship with customers as they generate more communication options that focus on the needs of the individual user. 

When we talk about the Contact Center, we refer to the inbound call centers, with activities that include customer care and assistance.


The advantages for customers and those of companies 

Contact center

Customers are requiring more personalized assistance adapted to their individual needs. In this sense, the Contact Center is a method that creates more satisfaction, since they can quickly receive answers using live chats and messages on the company’s social channels. Waiting on the phone becomes a distant memory as customers’ needs can now be met more efficiently. 

How to create a Contact Center without overspending 

Technological investments, the increase in staff and their training, are aspects that can discourage investment in a Contact Center. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to external organizations to manage customer service, benefiting from many economic and management benefits. 


By relying on an outsourced Contact Center, companies can concentrate on their core business activities while not having the burden of training new employees and making investments in new technologies. 


We Are Fiber in addition to guaranteeing qualified personnel, also provide services for document and invoice management, entering customer data on a cloud platform to update the company’s database.  


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The choice of relying on an outsourced call center can also be taken into consideration by small and medium-sized businesses seeking to grow and expand. In this way, SMEs can avoid having to face excessive expenses and acquire new resources. 


We Are Fiber works alongside you contributing to the growth of your business, and to the increase in revenue thanks to effective Customer Care


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