How to increase sales with a CRM service: the complete guide

Advantages and methods of use: everything you need to know about CRM and how to use it for every company that wants to grow and expand.

CRM is a winning business strategy that will optimize the resources available and increase the company’s turnover, significantly raising the level of “customer satisfaction” of clients.

CRM, the acronym for customer relationship management, helps companies manage the profiles of potential or loyal customers to develop strategies to understand their needs and expectations to improve commercial relationships.

What is a CRM  software used for? Mainly to organize contact information, track interactions with old and new customers, and optimize sales as these critical operations are necessary for companies and startups who want to manage marketing processes with professionalism and efficiency.

We Are Fiber stands by your side to implement a CRM efficiently, helping you to maximize the resources available and make the most of them.

In the following article, more details will be provided about how CRM works and why you need it to shift your business into a higher gear.

Discover all the advantages of outsourcing CRM

The three macro areas of CRM

CRM can be divided into three macro-areas: operational, analytical, and collaborative.

The operational CRM supports the activities of supply chain and transactions with the company’s IT system, front-office activities for the automation of sales forces and business marketing, mobile office activities for other support services and back-office for order management.

The analytic CRM focuses on the collection and analysis of data.

The collaborative CRM allows us to offer a personalized service to each customer and is composed of the main communication tools such as email, phone calls, web pages, etc.

Why use a CRM?

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An advantage of CRM is that it helps companies proactively work with contacts to support relationships with potential and existing clients.  A CRM system empowers customer-facing teams with the correct data to create top-rated customer experiences.  A CRM allows you to document conversations held in person, through live chat, email, phone, or other channels, which enable the company to attend to customers’ specific needs in an individualized way. 

How to use CRM to increase sales

Here we are at the heart of the question: how to best manage CRM to optimize sales? With the collaboration of We Are Fiber you will show you the mechanisms and the tips of CRM, improving the production process, and strengthening your “brand awareness” in the eyes of customers.

The CRM is also able to monitor activity on your sales team, to immediately highlight any critical issues and optimize revenue.

You can constantly monitor the purchasing behavior of your customer so as to present the best offer at the right time according to their needs. By doing so you can take advantage of upselling, a very effective sales technique if used correctly.

To give a practical example, when a customer buys trousers in a clothing store he will probably need a belt. Upselling is just that: using information about a customer, such as purchasing habits and previous behaviors, to recommend the service or product related to his needs.

In this regard, consideration should be made: many companies focus more on winning new customers, rather than on retaining those already acquired. In fact, this is a mistake, as new customers can be harder to obtain and require more effort, while loyal existing customers are much more likely to come back to you. In this case, the CRM can provide useful information about your customer, such as the purchase history, so that you can offer them a related product that he has not yet purchased.

So there you have it, an introduction to the benefits of CRM systems. If you want to know more, contact us by phone or email. A professional and competent team will be ready to answer all your questions.

CRM will be the launching pad for your company, come and find out how!

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