What is a virtual assistant and what it can do for you

Virtual assistant:

Optimizing time and improving productivity are the objectives that every modern company has set to establish and grow in its market. With this in mind, the virtual assistant has adopted an important role, especially in light of a digital revolution that produces a massive influx of data and information that is difficult to manage.


What does the virtual assistant do?

It stores the information, sorts it, analyzes it, and processes it to draw the most appropriate strategies and make informed decisions based on the data received

The virtual assistant lightens the work of employees, and optimally manages the data flow of small, medium and large companies.


We Are Fiber offers you a series of versatile and dynamic virtual assistance services that can adapt to individual needs. The chatbot is one of the flagships of We Are Fiber. If you want more information about the software, click here.


The diffusion of virtual assistants

By 2021, it is proposed that 25% of workers will be equipped with a virtual assistant to support their work. Artificial intelligence is a growing presence in our lives, improving daily life and productivity of companies. 

The Internet of Things is a perfect example of how data can be used to provide useful information about daily tasks such as avoiding traffic or choosing what to wear. 

 These same advantages are applied in the world of work, allowing companies to make choices based on predictions.

We can identify three types of virtual assistants: virtual personal assistant (VPA), mainly intended for personal use; virtual customer assistant (VCA), designed for customer service; virtual employee assistant (VEA), intended for specific job functions.

The VEA is the most appreciated by companies, and it is anticipated that in the next three years, the use of the VEA will increase exponentially. 

The advantages of the virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

The assistant acts as a sort of secretary, but the benefits it offers are considerably more extensive. As already mentioned, the virtual assistance software can provide predictive analyzes on the performance of a market, customer behavior, and the number of purchases of a product. It can even predict the success of marketing campaigns to identify risks and the problems and act accordingly.


The Business Intelligence Services related virtual assistant helps you understand how to increase profits, analyze customer behavior patterns, compare data with competitors, view performance in real-time, identify the main market trends, and predict potential problems. Companies can act within a well-defined framework, choosing the most appropriate strategies according to the data collected and the objectives set.


We Are Fiber is the ideal partner to digitize your company, providing you with the best services to enter an increasingly interactive, proactive and intelligent business.

A Virtual Assistant is the support you need without fixed costs, and can be paid only on a part-time basis. Based on your needs, you can take advantage of an automated process or a dedicated resource and a punctual and multilingual service.

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