A sales employee improves the Customer Experience of your e-commerce (even if it is a Bot)

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One needs to consider how to make a customer happy when they arrive at your e-commerce site.

Certainly, the first move is to ensure they are able to locate what they are looking for with ease. Navigating an intuitive and straightforward site encourages customers to buy. Today, with the growth of online shopping and targeted marketing, it is fundamental to provide quality customer service as it can make the difference. 


Find out how to improve your customer service.

How to improve the customer experience of your e-commerce and increase sales

The absence of interactive support can halt the final sale. Purchasing support is the crucial element and final encouragement that makes the consumer switch from “I’m thinking of buying” to “add to cart and buy“.

Outsourcing customer service is an excellent solution to save resources and provide users with specialized and available staff 24/7. 

But the real revolution in Customer Experience is the integration of artificial intelligence into marketing strategies


Chatbots answer your customers’ questions in real-time and accurately

But not only that, the information is extracted and processed by formulating the most suitable answer to satisfy the customer’s request. Not to mention the fact that artificial intelligence will never take a day off.

Securing customer trust

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Especially in the final phase of the purchase, users want to be sure before clicking “pay now“”. Providing a live chat to the online store adds an element of trust and security. 


Customers can ask questions and receive answers immediately without endlessly listening to jingles on the phone, followed by “the phone lines are busy


Over the years, many features of AI live chats are becoming more advanced, and the interest in them continues to grow.

Just to give you an idea, we did a quick survey in our We Are Fiber team: 60% of people confirmed that they had interacted with a chatbot in the last 72 hours.


But implementing a chatbot on your site is not enough; you also need to know how to use it in the right way. If misused, these programs can limit the user experience, make it confusing, and even damage your brand reputation.


We Are Fiber supports companies to make the best choice for their business. The decision to use a chatbot is not always advantageous and can depend on the characteristics and the general quality of the site. 

Chatbot vs Smartbot

Chatbots are generally programmed to respond to keywords and have limitations in recognizing a word entered by the user. This means that simple chatbots will be unable to offer meaningful support unless users type words indexed by their systems.


Many brands and companies are gradually converting to intelligent chatbots, abandoning the simpler ones, to improve the customer experience.


A Smartbot or intelligent chatbot utilizes artificial intelligence to respond to requests, and not keywords. 


Smartbots provide automatic answers, respond to the user’s real needs, and learn over time

As customer conversations are recorded, they help improve their processing and response capabilities, allowing robots to become increasingly “smarter.” 


If this world intrigues you and you are looking to improve the management of your Customer Service, we at We Are Fiber can help you find the best solution. 


A Smartbot could help meet specific customer needs and increase your sales. 


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