How can Customer Service be monitored and evaluated

Customer Service

Competitiveness in the 21st century has completely changed the way companies deliver Customer Service. Have you ever thought what convinces consumers to stick to a brand? Furthermore, have you ever thought what makes them give up on a certain product?  The most common mistake that companies make is that they do not give the expected buying experience to their customers.

I mean, Customer Experience is now as important as the product or service itself. You may have an excellent product, but it needs great Customer Care back up.  In case you want them to be long term clients, of course. And do not be mistaken, even if you are a well-established brand you will lose clients if you don’t listen to what they require and how they want it delivered.

How to monitor Customer Service?

There are some technics that will serve as guidelines for you to find if you are bringing value to your customers.  For example, listening to interactions between customers and your representatives would be substantial.  This way you can understand what kind of attitude the CSR (Customer Service Representatives) transmit to the other side of the phone, their approach and professionalism.

Let alone the internet and Social Media. With the development of technology, it is so easy now for companies to understand what they are doing wrong. Online platforms have provided customers with the opportunity to have their say. Specifically, the ones that are not happy with their experience. Time after time, it is a great idea to read the feedback you receive. Especially, the ones that do not make you smile. Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, once said that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”, and he is absolutely right.

Moreover, another important method is scheduling weekly meetings with the team responsible for  Customer Service. By doing this, you will be in touch directly with the results of the team. To illustrate,  they can compile weekly reports for you to understand which are the aspects that are lacking in performance.

Implementing Software Quality Assurance is a process which assures that all processes, methods, activities, and tasks are monitored and comply against the defined standards. It will provide companies with realistic estimates of how the company is performing step by step, task by task.  Analytics will help you maintain a healthy level of awareness while avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers.

Or, always, you can simply ask customers for feedback. Doing Quality Control is a good tactic to perceive if your company is bringing value to customers.

How to measure Customer Service success?

After monitoring all the aspects of your Customer Service performance, now you can determine if all the work met the standard.

Service or product rating is a quick and realistic point of reference. You can see what kind of energy is surrounding your company. Clients are not afraid to praise or diss your product, so paying attention to what they have to say about your end product is the best thing you can do. It is a reality check that will provide you with insight into what is good and what needs further attention. For example, the ‘Stars’ review system gives you an opinion of the impression you leave to your customers on average.

Further, another key indicator is TTR ( Time to resolution ).  In other words,  is the average amount of time needed to resolve a case after it has been opened. Customers value quick and simple solution. So regarding the difficulty os what is being asked, you can measure improvement with seconds. If it takes less time to solute than the previous day, week or month.

Besides TTR, using Social Media platforms to do surveys is a considerable way to test how successful has Customer Service been. As it was said above, customers will tell you what they enjoyed and what didn’t reach the expectations. Basically, your company reputation is built on what people have to say.  They supply businesses with essential and researchful data regarding the CSR team, so you can understand what is missing or what needs to be changed.


How to improve Customer Service performance?

Firstly, in case of poor performance, you should strengthen the skills of your team. Start looking for candidates that have empathy, patience, and consistency. You need adaptable agents that have the right approach because every customer is different. They should be able to handle surprises, sense the customer’s mood and act accordingly.

Then you should start enhancing your Customer Service strategy. After monitoring and evaluating all the Customer Service features in order to come up with a better plan for the upcoming challenges. This way you will be aware of all the details that need improvement, or to add something you hadn’t thought about.

As a growing business, going the extra mile for your clients is vital. This attitude will transform the customer experience into a positive and remembering one.  Your company will show the ability to not only empathize with its customers but to also enact real change that affects your brand reputation

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