Emerging Technologies in Customer Service

There is no doubt that emerging technologies are a key factor for companies to give the best Customer Experience. No product is good unless it is followed by a well-thought marketing plan and a satisfying Customer Service. This is why one of the best tools to test how your company operates in the market, is the feedback you get from your customers.

Notably, the number of communication channels where a potential client can contact you has grown rapidly in the last decade. On the other hand, new technologies have and will emerge in order to keep track of what your customer needs.

Here we will have a look at new emerging technologies in customer service and how they can add value to your company.

Emerging Technologies  


Increase of Omnichannel interaction

 In the past, your customers phoned a Contact Center or they waited on lines to get their service. But today that has changed. Like it was mentioned above, the number of channels has increased drastically. Omnichannel platforms collect all the data received from every channel into a single queue.

Your Customer Care Team has access to all the data of each customer interaction, no matter from where it came from. Also, these platforms integrate your brand even better on the online market. Rather than being separate, each aspect of the business works together with other parts to provide the highest quality of service.

Taking an omnichannel approach gives you a big helping hand while you deliver a consistent and fast customer experience.


Robots and AI 

Robots of our days actually are not any form of Artificial Intelligence. They are just a different interaction model for existing knowledge, and it’s another opportunity to engage your customers. Don’t get me wrong, nowadays that is a natural form of interaction for some companies. Built with the latest tech and impeccable mathematics, machines can learn, train, and teach too, after accumulating experience.

Although we are aware that no robot can replace humans, they give you a lot of advantages. For example:

  • They never stop running, so when your customer care team is asleep, the customers still get their answers.
  • Robots improve self-service for customers while reducing the costs for vendors. They can provide a new, repeatable, and inexpensive method of communications.
  • Unlike humans, robots have the possibility to interact with a large number of customers at the same time.

Robots and AI will be game changers in the future years, not by replacing humans, instead, helping them achieve a higher, faster and more efficient level of customer support.


Face-to-face Video Communication  

Video Conferences

We all know that eye contact is really powerful and improves relationships, whether they are business or personal ones. With video conferencing technology, many common customer service problems can be eliminated. Video communications give another business model for companies to deliver improved support, efficient customer service, and increased customer satisfaction.

More and more every company and customer will look at non-video, real-time voice conversation as a thing of the past. This is now and it will be more of a necessity in the near future. Clients expect it and vendors should see it as a vital business-improving tool. As an emerging technology, face-to-face video communications offer a lot of advantages for all companies, like:

  • Higher efficiency and productivity by eliminating barriers of time and space.
  • Flexibility, you can answer and have a meeting whenever or wherever you are.
  • More effective and trustworthy communication in comparison to audio-only calls.
  • Save money and time on business travels, team training etc.


The importance of implementing emerging technologies


Communication with customers – The goal of each business regarding its relationship with customers consists of loyalty building. Emerging technologies help that relationship by sending messages quickly and clearly.

Workforce effectiveness- The implementation of new technologies is necessity noways so you can keep up with the demands and inquires. Technologies improve time-saving and reduce costs in the long term by giving a better organisation of the process as a whole. Rather than replacing the human force, it will work alongside them with efficiency.

Data management and analytics- The intensity of information that flows through the channels of Customer Service increases day by day. New technologies will make the job easier by organizing and prioritizing inquiries. Technologies improve productivity by fastening and simplifying the process, leaving less room for mistakes. Also, it will give the opportunity to do a more realistic check about your company outcome as a whole. Technologies can calculate that information into a report so you can realize if everything is according to plan.

Self-service optimization- Last but not least, technologies and specifically the improvement of AI will be the future of Customer Service. Self-service will improve with the ability of AI and Robots to learn and recognize patterns. On the other hand, it outputs better customer experience by saving customers time and empowering them with the information and tools they need at their time.


We Are Fiber

At We Are Fiber, we are constantly investing in emerging technologies in order to keep track of the latest trends. Customers want a faster and overall satisfying experience. Our experienced team of agents with the skills and the correct set of tools will produce results for your agenda.

Merging human force with the latest technology will ensure better productivity. Human creativity and it’s attention to detail is always necessary.

We Are Fiber understands your customer needs and the importance of implement new technologies. We have the right people, technology and above all, the right experience to add value to your company.

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