Campaigns in sharing, how do they work?

Campaigns in sharing, how do they work

Campaigns in sharing is the ideal model for companies that are worried about their budget but also have to keep a high quality of customer care. Growing businesses always work with one main principle in mind, delivering proper service while being cost-efficient. This is a goal that all enterprises of every size, private or public, desperately need to achieve. Contact Centers have given solutions to this headache by outsourcing one or some functions of their company to a third party collaborator.

For instance, when businesses can’t handle the volume of customer service phone calls, they choose to outsource them to a Business Process Outsourcing. This method saves time and costs, but most importantly, they don’t have to go through the process of talent sourcing, hiring and training. There are various models how a company can deliver their service. They can appoint dedicated campaign or a campaign in sharing. Hereafter, we will find out the differences between the two models and also the advantages and disadvantages of campaigns in sharing.


Campaigns in sharing vs dedicated campaigns


Dedicated Campaigns are particularly appealing to clients that need a full time operator that will deal only with their campaign. Companies select this model when the outsourced function has a high volume of work. Similarly to your in house employee, they focus on the specified tasks,  in order to specialize in that area.

On the other hand, a campaign in sharing happens when the same agent works with two different campaigns on one shift. Companies choose this model at times they have low volume of work, due to cost-effectiveness.  Comparatively it is like when you use the same taxi with a stranger, you pay less by sharing the bill.

In addition, there also is the multi skilled personnel that work with two different campaigns. In contrast with campaigns in sharing, the operator doesn’t work with two campaigns at the same moment. The tasks are alternated through the full time shift, depending on the client need. As a result the agent is part of both campaigns, but handles them on different hours of the day.


Advantages of campaigns in sharing


One of the main reasons why everyone decides to go with campaigns in sharing is because of budget saving. Most of companies can’t afford hiring someone only to answer a couple of customer care phone calls. As a result, it is more convenient to offshore that function, paying less but most importantly, giving quality service.

In the second place, this campaigns are the best deal for expending time coverage. For example, you own a hotel management group. The night shift receives a low density of calls, which you can’t lose. It will be expensive to hire a full time employee only to answer a couple of phone calls. That is why a campaign in sharing would suit perfectly, further solving your customer service and financial difficulties.

And the best of all, your customers will be satisfied. No lost phone calls, not one client lost. They get quality customer service while simultaneously you build a positive name in the market.



There are also disadvantages regarding campaigns in sharing that are connected more with the technical part of the job. For example, when an agent has two customer service lines to handle, it will be confusing if he gets two calls at the same time. Outside of his will, the agent has to put one call aside so he can answer the other.

Secondly, the situation you never want your in sharing agent, is when volumes of work rise all of a sudden. Dealing with both campaigns will be a difficult task, if work volumes of one or both campaigns scale up.

There is also a specific situation that rarely occurs. Sometimes, two competitors use the same in sharing agent to outsource their job. Most of the companies have a strict privacy policy and this would’t be the best scenario for a business that should keep it’s confidentiality.


Who should consider campaigns in sharing?


Low budget-If you have a limited budget and cannot allow yourself hiring someone to take that single important call, then considering shared campaigns would not be a bad idea. You will pay a fraction of the cost while giving that all important service to your client.

Low volume of work- For functions with a low density of work, campaigns in sharing surely are the most practical and wise solution. If you hire someone to do that job, the concluded work is never going to justify the wages you pay the employee. So in order to keep a balanced budget and clients happy, a shared camping would solve this problem.

Startup businesses– A shared agent would help in many different ways. First of all you have a helping hand that you pay less, but most importantly, you will dedicate your time to the core of your business.




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