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Email has been one of the greatest inventions in history. Since then, it integrated into the business world reigning as one of the most effective communication tools. However, in the late years, social media and other developments somehow shadowed its success proving once again that everything has a life cycle. Yet, email continues to remain one of the safest and formal ways of communication used in business. Therefore, its impact is very valuable. Furthermore, the rise of email customer care in e-commerce made it useful in other dimensions that will be mentioned in the following sections.


Email Customer care


Customers are consuming more products today than before. This is a result of the increasing number of available options and free trade. The high frequency of buying, on the other hand, leads to a growing number of contacts with the provider. In the meantime, the first encounter always takes place through the customer care team. Therefore, the quality of its representatives plays an important role in defining the overall perception of the customer about a brand.


Customer-Email relationship


Today there are many channels to get in contact with representatives of the e-commerce companies. One of them is email customer care. A few years ago, if anything was unclear or wrong, the customer could directly contact the representative via phone or email. Thus, the flow was bigger than nowadays in these channels. Chatbots and Social Media have ‘stolen’ many of the customers that used email for their communications. Factors that affected the shift may include fast response, easy access, the majority of time spent on social media and the informal or friendly approach.


On the other hand, many people relate email customer care with seriousness, responsibility and consequently, the right path to receive the desired response. Some of the customers resistant to change may continue to use email as a mean of communication. It usually happens, because of the power of habit. Among others, it gives the idea that the person behind the email is more competent or specialized about the problem the customers have than the one behind social media. This can be seen in the kind of issues directed via social media and email. The complicated or serious ones are usually discussed via email.


Emails and Customer Satisfaction


Receiving an email back with an answer about the problem the customer has, does not mean everything is okay. Emailing is very difficult considering that there is no way of having a physical interaction with the customer. As a result, it is hard to understand their emotional state. That is why it is very important to notice the word choice he has made. It should be always kept in mind that the person behind the screen may use a different tone of voice while reading the email. Therefore, the selection of a positive language is crucial.


In addition, it is essential to use a personalized interaction to give the idea of being fully paid attention. Also, a key focus point should be to orient the conversation toward open-ended questions and use a simple language. Customers, among all, appreciate a fast response and proposed a solution for their problem. However, in general terms, there are many factors that influence the positive experience of the customer during email interactions. The majority of e-commerce use a follow up email so that the customers can evaluate the performance of the email customer service. Mainly these evaluations are structured in measurable scales like: not satisfied, very satisfied, using a numeric system or emojis to make it friendlier.


The main purpose of every interaction is to make the customer happy so that he will have a positive perception of the brand. This way, he may become a loyal customer and suggest it to other people.


Email Management


One of the problems that e-commerce companies have, is dealing with a high volume of email customer care. They have a wide range of products and customers’ claims can be of different kinds. It is difficult to cope with this issue in a short period of time taking into consideration that the customer care team needs to be fast and effective at the same time. The pressure is very high. That is why many companies tend to outsource the service to have better coverage of customers’ problems while focusing on their core business.


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In addition, there are times when customer’s flow and requests for an answer about their problems, is extremely high. As a result, the emails accumulate to a point where it is difficult to deal with. This is what Backlog means. Problems like these happen even in cases of downtime of webpages or other technical issues existing in certain moments. Customers don’t care. If they do not find solutions to certain e-commerce, they find it easy to switch. Nowadays the churn rate may be higher regarding brand preferences given the number of options available.  Dealing with Backlog is very important in an individual and organizational level.




On the other hand, as always, technological development has helped companies to be more efficient. Zendesk, one of the best platforms managing customer experience offers email customer service management software. It provides a simpler way to manage customer support. The best thing about this platform is that delivers omnichannel support. This approach helps the companies to better analyze the data and come up with ideas on how to strategize to reach favourable outcomes.


We Are Fiber


Email Customer Care for E-commerce is one of the services we carefully manage being aware of its impact on the customer’s perceptions. We have a professional and qualified staff. During our training sessions, we continuously emphasize how important using empathy is in these cases. Furthermore, we instruct the agents on how to build well-structured emails and how to properly answer to customers.


In addition, we leave no one behind. It means that we answer carefully to every single email because we understand the importance of a good representation of the company’s image through what we do. We respect our client’s integrity. Therefore, we are ready to collaborate in every moment to make progress and satisfy our clients.


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